winning starts with beginning

The paradox of time has given us a new month! Added to that we will be experiencing daylight savings time next Sunday as we also get to celebrate the coming of spring in just 17 days!  If you have been feeling the chills of winter, now is your time to begin thinking about the possibilities of more daylight hours that come with spring.

We will be spending the next four weeks talking about the key ingredients and components of one of our most precious commodities - our time. When you stop and look at the time you are handed each day how much do you fully honor the time you have been given? I believe the first step in managing time is honoring it.

It’s important to remember when you have a day where you feel nothing is going your way, and we all have them, that tomorrow can bring us the possibility of new things to come.   The important key in this is that we make the appropriate shifts and changes along the way to allow new energy to happen. Buddha said it well, “The past may be ugly but you can always begin again! 

I believe in the philosophy that we teach what we must learn, as I finished up February feeling very pressed for time!   No better instance than this moment right now to refocus my priorities.   Last week for example, I found myself working 15-hour days trying to keep up with the load. Added to all of this, I am in the middle of a 100-day Reclaim Your Body program and wanting to take care of my physical body takes up a lot of time!   Not that I mind hard work, I love what I do in my business and my body is feeling better and better. 

It’s more the stress of having every moment of my time gobbled up and having no time for that wiggle room of allowing for a creative, spontaneous moment to catch a cup of coffee with a friend or to simply catch my breath.   In other words finding the moments to stop and smell those proverbial roses. On Saturday, I began catching up on some tasks including preparing for the radio show I want to share with you this week. In doing so I reviewed 7 years of working towards mastering this principle.   

It allowed me to clearly see where I have gotten off track as my business as been growing and work flow increasing as a result. This is where mastery comes in, when we can stop and pay attention to where we got off track so we can get back on it. Important items ahead, like taking a look at the systems within the business, as it grows, insuring they are getting refined and keeping up with that growth. Especially when it comes to managing time online!  

What I would love to have you share with me is what comes up for you when you think about your time as it stands today. How do you honor time the most?   Let us know in the comment section below this post. 

If you have found yourself chasing after time, stop the chasing and in fact make room in your life for the time you have been looking to enjoy!   Wishing you the joy and freedom of calling your time your own!     

Here is to Your Successes and Victories!

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach, and Founder of the Victory Circles