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Can I grow?

Is this a question you ever ask yourself? After all what does it mean to grow? For each of us it looks a bit different – however, many of the components are the same.

Growth is one of those key elements in life.  Whether we are growing intellectually, growing our varied relationships or growing our bank accounts.  Each effort of growth requires some key elements that allow the growing to happen.

As I begin the task this month of nurturing my garden back to life I can’t help but consider the important elements that allow my garden to grow. For many years I have shared the analogy between my garden and growing a business because quite frankly they hold so many similarities of work, joy, and sorrow.

Growth after all is chocked full of all kinds of surprises. Most of us have had a love that we lost along the way that as time went on actually helped us to grow as a person. It uncovered some raw feelings in us that we didn’t even know existed. This opens us up to be more authentic when the “right” person comes along.

Perhaps we have some money triggers that keep us stuck with our money growth. Whether they stem from some financial misstep along the way or not fully learning to deal with money, acknowledging our current attitude with money is the first step.

Growth all starts with a desire and a dream for what you want to become. Is it happier, wealthier or maybe even wiser?

As I plant the seeds in my garden in the weeks ahead I am not sure what will happen. Some seeds will grow and some will not. What I do know to be true is that when I pay full attention to nurturing the soil and giving the seeds ample water, what is meant to grow will grow!

It’s interesting when you grow seedlings indoors too far away from the light source. They get pale and grow week. However, move those same plants closer to the light and they are able to become stronger than ever before.

Surround yourself with the people, thoughts and experiences that inspire you to grow.

Happy planting! 

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