Stay Calm and Carry On

Last Monday the word calm entered my head to use as the Daily Word that I create every morning on Instagram (@victorygirl).

So that you understand further, last summer I started using the Daily Word as a way of finding an important focus for the day. Then I started sharing it on my Instagram Story each day with thoughts around the word along with some of the nature photos that I love taking.

On Monday, I laughed when the word calm came out of me because after all it was Monday morning and I had more on my to do list over the next couple of days then I knew I could possibly get done.

In addition to on-boarding several new clients and serving current clients, I was beginning in earnest my planning for the last quarter of the year. Then there was my personal life that had so much going on that I didn’t know how I could even fit in my work life.

As I looked at that word calm I began to think about how I could enjoy the process of all of what was about to happen for me in that week ahead. My son and his girlfriend were arriving in two days on my birthday. My birthday that had somewhere along the way I had decided to make dinner for 11 people. Add to that we were a week out from my daughter and her fiancé arriving for an Engagement party we are hosting.

Oh yes, then there is my garden which I am totally obsessed with at this part of the summer because it is this live and growing thing that needs so much of my attention. Especially because I want it to be just right for these social events that are unfolding.

All good stuff right? Now the goal was to get it all done and enjoy the process with calm as my motto in order to enjoy achieving these rather audacious goals.

I began the process by further breaking out the word calm and having this word and the acronym it spells out to be my guiding light:

C – Clarity, have complete clarity on what must be done and what would just be nice to get done if time availed itself.

A – Attitude, to really watch my own self talk and be the encourager of calm when I found myself starting to wonk out over wanting things to be perfect.

L – Love, yes love seems to fit in everywhere doesn’t it. Letting go of what can't get done can allow love to flow much more easily.

M – Meditation, make calm and the process of taking deep breaths and meditation in the morning and mini meditations all day the medicine for not getting stressed.

Okay so you want to know how I did in making my birthday week one where calm was the game winner for me? Check it out on this week’s podcast! It’s short and sweet I promise.

Calm as you go!

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus, Business Growth Coach • 303-652-1718 • @victorygirl

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