Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.
— Joseph Campbell

It’s about this time every year that I start to explode with creativity. This boost always seems to coincide with my garden fully coming to life.  The joy of my garden brings with it an insatiable desire to create.  It’s a very good thing that makes summer one of my favorite seasons!   

When our imagination is in full swing it ignites us to do things we have not done before. It allows for new growth.

Imagination and the word ignite I really feel go hand in hand.  So it’s no accident that it’s time to turn the headlights and ignite the fires around the cool elements inside of the Master Mind Principle of Imagination.  

What I find fascinating is that during the month of May in the farms that are somewhat near my house, farmers and land management personnel pick different areas to burn the dead foliage in order to bring on new growth.  

Today’s picture shares such an area near the Boulder Reservoir where the spots that were burned have now created the most beautiful array of wild flowers. A great visual way to think about getting rid of what is stopping you in order to encourage new growth. 

To close out this week’s letter I will share with you the latest quick Spot of Courage from the Courage to be the Difference Podcast. This one is entitled Daring to Imagine (10 min).

Here’s to burning past those elements that may have been getting in your way, finding your creative joy, and to seeing what you may not have seen before - even if it was sitting right in front of you all along. 

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles