“Thank you for showing up, bringing curiosity, and letting silence answer the questions words never could.”  
- Melissa Reid

The words from today’s quote really jumped off the Instagram post I read them from. This woman, Melissa Reid, who I don’t know, led a trek of people including Mandy Moore (who I do follow) to the Everest Base Camp.

This quote were her words of thanks to her travel companions. They were wise enough not to try to go for the Summit with so many others, some of whom lost their lives.

Her words got me to thinking about what a wonderful tool silence can be. Silence allows listening and listening allows you to discover so much more about yourself, about others, and your surroundings.

With that said, it also made me stop and once again ponder about the current leadership crisis the United States is experiencing. How much better would it be if leaders on “both sides of the aisle” let go of the endless name calling, blaming, and ongoing power trip tug of war.

Just imagine if they took the time to truly listen to what we (the people they are supposed to be leading) really want and need.  

It’s hard to believe that there is anyone out there that isn’t feeling unheard because leaders seem to stop listening when it’s all about the need to “win.” The result, too many people are talking, and not enough people are listening.

As I put in another week watching my grandpuppy while my daughter is off seeing the world I indeed felt the importance in the silence around me. Through the silence I could actually hear myself so much more clearly. Getting past the noise of life when we can’t even hear our own minds true thoughts after a while.

So here come 4 burning questions for you to ponder this week…

1.    Who or what are you are actually leading? 

2.    Do you stop and take the time to fully listen to yourself and others?  

3.    When working alongside a customer, staff member or anyone in the course of your business can you find a nice silence together? A time when you are in flow with what you are achieving - together?

4.    Do you feel the need to fill in so much of the silence that you find yourself stressed out and not getting the things you need done, done?

I have been lucky to watch some amazing sunsets since I have been here in San Diego and taken so many pictures of them. The one I chose for today’s Victory Letter was truly an amazing experience. I kept thinking about the phrase 1,000 points of light, along with the quote from the late George H.W. Bush, "a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky."

As I watched the sun streaming through the clouds and fading sunbeams hitting the water in so many different places it filled me with such peace inside. No words were spoken yet I was filled up so much inside. As if the universe was talking directly to me and reminding me that at the end of the day (literally and figuratively) we live on such a beautiful and amazing planet.

Are you in with me to focus on breaking the silence by listening more, caring more and giving an extra gleam of light to someone who could use it in the week ahead? I love the thought of focusing on lifting each other up.

Remember in the process, in a world that can sometimes get way too noisy some silence can really make all the difference in making us as opposed to breaking us.

Join me in todays podcast above where I share this and a little more...

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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