we are what we believe we are

When you stop to think about what you believe in... what comes to mind?  


The subject for this week's letter is based around belief - a powerful word and action that can either make us or break us in this life. With belief we can bring dreams to life. Without it, we sit and wonder why things are never as we want them to be.  


We all have hopefully experienced the positive effects of belief as we move through one life event to another. 


Perhaps belief was created while learning how to ride a bike and the thrill when you no longer needed those training wheels or your parent running alongside you.  


Perhaps belief was created the first time you fully fell in love. Perhaps it was created when you graduated from high school, or even when you left your childhood home to live on your own. 


Then there are the beliefs that we wanted to bring to life but just never came to fruition. Why was that? What was the element(s) that got in the way?


There is a saying in the world today that generally refers to peoples comments online and it is, "Haters gonna hate." People say nasty things behind the ivory towers of their keyboards that they would never say to your face.


I think of these people as the non-believers, the ones who try to squelch the dreams and hopes of others because of anger - perhaps because of not pursuing their own dreams. A really bad cycle of negative energy and negative belief usually ensues for all parties involved. 


Let go of the naysayers (and haters) as we talked about in last weeks Victory Letter. Letting go and allowing something cool to happen builds your trust that the universe has better plans. You just need to trust your positive belief and move forward to let the plans actually happen.


Acknowledge your struggle (whatever shape or form) that has led you with purpose in order to get you ready for the next stage of the journey. Then the belief can come to life. When we allow the struggle to stop us that is when we get into trouble.  


As I have shared in this letter before that over the course of the last couple of years my son, Travis, found a belief in balancing rocks of all shapes and sizes. In turn, his amazing photos and videos have become a powerful meditation tool that he believes opens us to the infinite potential we each possess. 


Recently, a group of vicious online haters found a video he created and decided to insult him in ways that he had never heard before.


I was proud that he had the wisdom to realize that their anger was only an issue within themselves and really had nothing to do with his art. 


To help get his belief in himself back on track he took matters into his own hands. Heading to the creek in a nearby canyon, he quite literally let it go by letting go of the stones in their moment of locking into balance. By taking a photo of this amazing moment of letting go he was able to reaffirm his belief once again. 
View his latest edition here


Watching our children grow from tiny little tiny babies into adults surely confirms the power of belief. As your children go from babies to adults you have to fine-tune the difference between showing them and guiding them in order to allow them to find their own special way. 


Not such an easy task sometimes, but without belief in their incredible spirit it would be impossible to give them the necessary support and encouragement they need. 


The key for me as a Mom and Business Coach is to support, give advice, and let the rest of it go because ultimately we each have the choice on how we want to live.  


Here's to your belief in all that you can achieve!   

To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles