My work is an expression of myself.
— Jena Benson

The belief that each of us has the opportunity to express ourselves through our daily work is actually at the core of my own life work and purpose.

In my work as a Business Coach I get to see some pretty cool transformations come to life in all shapes and forms.  And what I know to be true is when each of us are fully expressing who we are … well, the results at times can just seem magical.

Have you asked yourself lately what does it mean to be you and go after the work that you love? What do you do to get into your best flow so you can truly being you?

Then of course the challenge comes when we add in the equation of making money in the process.  This is when we fully begin to think like an entrepreneur.

One of those people who has strived for the opportunity to fill the shoes of a creative entrepreneur is Jena Benson founder and creative force behind A Way With Clay located near Melbourne, Australia. Recently Jena and I had a lovely conversation that is being shared with you on today’s podcast.

I originally met Jena on Instagram and her beautiful artwork has been a delight to see in my daily feed for about a year now. When I read the following post I knew I had to bring her on the podcast because not only because of her work but the work she does with others in opening their creative flow.

Here is what Jena shared:

“I still feel the need to birth new work with function… Through the hand building process I have gained new insight into my practice and the reasons I feel so passionately about the whole notion of ‘creating with clay’.  It has been truly therapeutic process for me with of the emphasis being on 'finding balance,' accessing body and heart through the clay body in what has become my own transformational process.”

The key element that Jena further shares is to not be afraid of expressing  yourself to be fully focused on the work you love in order to bring the dream to life. It may not happen tomorrow or the next day, however, if you keep working hard (as Jena did) through the ups and downs - anything is possible.

Start by giving yourself permission to be you.  Now express the good things you have to give!

Ep. 32 - Be You

Courage to Be the Difference Podcast


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