It’s not about having luck or hope – it’s about having the right formula.
— Jeff Walker

I have to say this morning brings a smile on my face that goes from ear to ear.  This morning at 4:28 am here in Colorado… Spring arrived!!  Now begins the chain of events of welcoming my favorite two seasons of the year: spring and summer.

Spring represents anticipation to me.  Anticipation such as when you are about to open a present.  You know it’s going to be awesome and the anticipation of the gift is almost as magical as the gift itself.

As the earth yawns and begins its deep awakening there is such a great reminder of all that is possible.  This reminder includes the fact that all that is possible won’t happen all by itself… confirming that anticipation and the hope it brings will not be enough for a full and fruitful garden.  

Ideas without action lead to broken dreams. We have to do something proactive in order to bring our ideas to life! The time is NOW to roll up our sleeves and productively get to work. 

Yes, there will be cold weather flowers that will start to appear now like magic. Yet to have a fully abundant garden that can stand the heat of the summer months I have to begin composting and planting seeds.   

This is exactly what happens in our businesses to promote new growth.  We can’t just sit around dreaming of what seed we want to plant... We have to get out there and actually plant these new seeds when the timing is right.   

Remembering snow is of course still possible until May, I will start first with planting the cold weather crops such as lettuce seeds.  

Even if I am unsure of what exactly to do with a new crop I am curious about I have consistently found that by simply following the instructions on the seed packets this tells me when and how I should be planting.

The good news is that I am not the first person in the world to grow these different types of seeds :)

Many people don’t plant seeds because they take time and patience to reap the rewards.  Everyone wants the finished product after only one watering.  The reality is that things like lettuce pop up quickly, whereas my beloved Zinnia Flowers will take months of watering and nurturing in order to go from seed to blossom. 

Seed selection and timing of the seasons determines how quickly things will grow.  

The fastest growth usually has the shortest life span.  A tree takes years and years of growth, versus a flower which will live through just one growing season.  

In my work as a Business Coach I see too many business owners wanting to grow a massive tree and are disappointed when they only end up with a small flower.  The difference is because of seed selection, patience, and the nurturing that follows.  

To understand what your growth requires is all about having the correct anticipation formula…

For Gardeners
Seed selection + watering + time = GROWTH

For Business Owners:
Business idea + action + patience = GROWTH

In celebration of this day I want to give you the gift of spring with a free download of my e-book and companion audio recording: Planting Seeds for Business Growth and Success (normally $35!)

In this gift I further share the steps to how planting seeds in your business and life can make such a difference. 

Here’s to your abundance and growth possibilities in the seasons ahead.  Happy Spring!


To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles
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