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And so the year of 2014 officially begins... Are you ready to roll with goals that will take you closer to your Definite Chief Aim? Is your definiteness of purpose for the year ahead crystal clear?

In this first Victory Letter of the year, lets take a look at how Napoleon Hill saw the importance of having a definiteness of purpose:

"Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. All individual achievement begins with the adoption of a definite major purpose and a specific plan for its attainment.

Without a purpose and a plan, people drift aimlessly throughout life. Lack of Definiteness of Purpose is the greatest stumbling block to 98 out of every 100 persons because they never really define their goals and start toward them with Definiteness of Purpose."

Last week I found myself in a department store taking advantage of a great one-day sale. When I walked in the store there was a huge line at the check out registers in the front of the store. As a customer, one of my least favorite things to do is waste my time waiting in lines! 

Lines can be a great indicator of a businesses system that is not working properly. As was the case with this store, where there were no lines in the back of the store only in the front.   As a Business Coach, I can see when a business doesn't have clarity in the most crucial part of their business and how the lines and confusion start to form in one way or another.   

As consumers, sometimes we get so used to waiting in lines that we forget to look for an alternative route.  The route that will take us where we actually want to go, now, instead of when someone else determines we can go. In my case, I was in and out of the store while others waited in an unnecessary line.   

The power of clarity in having a Definite Chief Aim along with that definiteness of purpose is you actually know where you are going, allowing you to enjoy the process of getting there and knowing when and where to detour!

For 2014, our purpose at the Victory Circles is to continue to share with you educational opportunities to EMPOWER you.  At the bottom of each Victory Letter you will now find our current educational events.   

 To start off the year, this week I am delighted to share several no costs events to empower you in this first official business week of 2014. This includes the 2014 launch of the Victory Circles Radio Hour with our guest Jason Womack, Author of Your Best Just Got Better, Think Bigger Make More.  Check them out below.   

This morning I proudly shared with you at the top of the letter the quote that is my guiding light for this year. One of my great entrepreneurial heroes, Mr. Benjamin Franklin, truly inspires me to write and be all that I can be. And with that, I challenge you to find the words, people and purpose that inspire you to take aim and be all that you can be!  Happy 2014!! 

To Your Successes and Victories, 

- Cheri 

Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach,
and Founder of the Victory Circles