Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.
— Lao Tzu

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In the live marketing workshops for small business that I teach a good place to start is with an exercise called a Marketing Confidence Checkup. Right away we talk about 3 key elements of marketing: your website, social media and email marketing.

Today as I write this week’s letter to you there is one more element that I think is important to add in the mix – and it may surprise you… That element is kindness!

How confident are you when you have to share your business idea (or any idea) to someone? Do you share easily with enthusiasm and lots of energy or do you shrink back prejudging what they will think?

Kindness leads to confidence on a variety of levels and confidence is the key element in being able to fully share important things that matter most to you, be it your business or other elements in your life.

There are 5 ways to build kindness with marketing and sales, which ultimately leads to your greatest business confidence.


How much do you love what have to share with the world?

When you can share that love and passion in an authentic way you lose the salesy, canned unauthentic piece and just share the core of what you have to give. Think of the confidence you feel when you think about the people and things you love the most in this world. That should carry through in all you do.


Meet life where it meets you, and do this calmly without drama or fuss. Be kind to yourself when someone doesn’t buy your products or when things just don’t go your way. No more shutting down and stopping. Replace this with a smile and a step forward, knowing that failure and friction are a necessary a stepping stone to evolve. Have the confidence to remain calm and understanding in stressful situations.


The power of kindness begins with listening what another person actually needs. The answer to not getting the results from your efforts in sharing your message lies in listening to what the person needs right now. Sometimes we can be so nervous about sharing that we spew our idea all over someone before listening to what their needs are right now. Asking questions is key to building confidence in listening.


To achieve in anything in life you have to believe in what you are doing. Think of all the things that you truly believe in and those things you try to believe in. The moment belief disappears all kinds of negative stuff can seem to appear. Surround yourself with a well-rounded group of people who help support you. Our inner circles feed our confidence.


Fear busting better known as courage is probably one of the greatest forms of inner kindness to yourself you can give. While it might feel terribly uncomfortable at the get go, stop and think of every time you have pushed through a fear you have held close and how much better you feel when you get to the other side. Confidence and pride of your efforts for stepping up to fully play in the game is what builds even more courage for the next time around.

Note: some elements of marketing and sales over the years has taken on a negative connotation of being unkind and self-serving.

This forces many business owners to fear not being kind and pushing the business offerings on others, which can actually get in the way of doing an effective job in sharing the business or organizations value in their goods and services.

When value isn’t shared with customers, this leads to the ultimate business disaster: lack of cash flow.

I can’t tell you how often I hear the words “I don’t want to bug anyone” be a major stumbling block that can actually be the end of the business or idea in the long run.

Look at how your love, composure, listening, belief and courage could change the life of another human being beyond just making money. What if you used the words kind confidence more in your sales and marketing campaigns?

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

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